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Liquid Choice

BioDAQ Liquid Choice monitoring system measures the episodic ad libitum drinking choice activity of singly housed lab animals in their home cage.

Liquid Type
Water, sucrose solution, saline solution, alcohol. Liquid diet is not suggested for use in BioDAQ liquid bottles.

Programmable Gate
The BioDAQ E3 features an Automated Gate Controller that allows the investigator to program the gate to open or close at a specified time, and/or when a specified amount of food or liquid is consumed. The automated gate can be added to an existing BioDAQ E2 system by upgrading the Central Controller, laptop, and each sensor to be controlled.

Liquid Choice
Feeding Drinking Model
Cage- top Feeder BioDAQ Liquid Bottle E2, E3, Unplugged
2 to 10 Liquid Choices


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Doug Compton

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