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Home Cage
The BioDAQ Food and Liquid Intake Monitor is a home cage based instrument where singly housed animal can live chronically. Feeding and drinking modules are adapted to standard laboratory cages. The cages and hardware can be cleaned using standard animal facility procedures.

Reduce Stress
Specially modified standard home cages provide reduced novel-environment stress and shortened acclimation times. Animals can live chronically in BioDAQ cages. Researcher contact is limited by design, further reducing confounding stressors.

BioDAQ home cages can be fitted with one or multiple feeding and/or drinking modules depending on the study design. The hardware that attaches to the cage openings accommodates both food hoppers and liquid bottles, allowing the researcher to change the format to fit their needs. A standard home cage top and water bottle is provided. The BioDAQ Optogenetics Cage is the newest addition to the BioDAQ Mouse Food and Liquid Intake Monitoring System. The cage is designed to record the episodic intake of food and liquid, food choice, or liquid choice, in a freely roaming, tethered, or cranially implanted animal. The photos below are just some of the options available. Please contact us if you don't see a cage set up to fit your needs.

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