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BioDAQ for NHP

Food intake behavior of socially housed NHPs

BioDAQ NHP measures and records feeding bouts of socially housed, RFID implanted, non-human primates. Each BioDAQ NHP feeding station has a multiple kg capacity food hopper equipped with a dispensing system that meters food pellet(s) onto a weighing platform.

Once dispensed, the food pellets are weighed and a gate is opened allowing access to the pellets by NHPs. The food is accessed via a tube fitted with an RFID microchip reader which identifies animals via unique microchips implanted in the wrists of each animal. NHPs reach through the tube to remove the weighed food pellets. The identity of the animal is acquired and associated with the date, time, and the amount of food removed. After the food is removed, the gate closes and the process repeats.

Food Restriction
The weighing, RFID reading, and gating features allow individual, ad libitum food intake recording, or food restriction of individual animals by time, amount, and type of food. Multiple diets can be provided to a group of NHPs, with access to specific diets allowed on an individual basis. In addition, animals can be calorically restricted on an individual basis.

Data Collection
The system runs in a Power over Ethernet configuration with a single network cable per feeding station. Intake data are stored and managed on a local or remote server or both simultaneously. The BioDAQ Online DataViewer provides a flexible analysis and graphics tool to study NHPs food intake parameters. Video cameras record motion detected feeding events.

The BioDAQ NHP is available for NHP species, including, rhesus monkeys, African greens monkeys, and Cynomolgus macaques.
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